Discover geospatial data and information on economic activities and employment, including census information and resources describing Canadian labour, revenue, commerce, industry, tourism and ecotourism, forestry, fisheries, commercial or subsistence hunting, and exploration and exploitation of resources such as minerals, oil and gas.

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Explore the median total household income in Canada in 2015 by panning the map or using the range slider to filter by total income.

Want to learn more about infrastructure projects in First Nations communities? Check out this Targeted Investments featured layer to investigate infrastructure projects across Canada that are funded through Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) and Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada (CIRNAC) programs.

Gain some insight on Canada’s mineral production with Canada’s Principal Producing Mines featured layer. This map features the geographic locations of significant mines, oil and gas fields, as well as Canada’s top 100 exploration projects.

Learn about Canada’s active indigenous mining agreements. This featured dataset provides information on indigenous communities’ signatory agreements; including the type of agreement, exploration projects, and producing mines.

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