Discover geospatial data and information on Canadian satellite and aerial imagery, such as land cover, topographic maps, imagery, unclassified images, annotations and base maps.

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Check out the High Resolution Digital Elevation Model Mosaic (HRDEM Mosaic) which displays both DSM and DTM hill shaded layers. Use our swiper plug in to view the difference between the two. Default extent has been set to Vancouver for an interesting view point.

Discover Canada’s crops with the Annual Crop Inventory web application, and learn more about the process of deriving these digital maps from satellite imagery.

Unravel Canada’s land cover changes with the Land Cover of Canada map. This featured layer allows users to view land cover changes between 2010 and 2015. Simply slide the bar left and right to reveal the changes.

Keep up with the complete coverage of Canada being gradually established using airborne LiDAR data and satellite images. The High Resolution Digital Elevation Model (HRDEM) – CanElevation featured dataset will eventually exhibit full coverage of Canada.
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