Discover scientific geospatial data and information derived from Canadian geo-scientific and biota research, technological innovation, and digital implementation activities, such as geophysical features and processes, geology, minerals, gravity information, soils, permafrost, wildlife, vegetation, biological sciences, ecology and more.

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Health Canada routinely collects environmental samples for radioactivity analysis. Use the charting plugin to explore and analyse radioactivity in Canada.

Uncover Canada’s permafrost coverage with the Permafrost by Ecoprovince featured layer. 

Learn more about air quality and emission levels in Canada with the Air Quality featured dataset. This map features three key datasets: average ambient fine particles emissions, peak ambient fine particles emissions, and fine particulate matter emissions.

Explore Canada’s marine ecosystems with the Ecologically and Biologically Significant Areas feature dataset. This map exhibits areas within Canada’s oceans that were identified through formal scientific assessments as having special biological or ecological significance.
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