Discover featured geospatial initiatives that drive development of new datasets and innovations.

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Access information about the Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation (CCMEO) initiatives that are related to geospatial products, services, and innovations. Learn about each initiative’s development, datasets, and how to get involved.

A cloudy sky over the ocean and rocky coast and evergreens of Bowen Island, British Columbia


The GeoBase initiative provides access to, national geospatial foundational data for Canada’s land, water, and infrastructure.

View of a cityscape next to a body of water.

Flood Mapping

Canadian federal, provincial and territorial government geospatial data providers collaborate to provide tools and resources to help Canadians plan and prepare for floods.

A worm’s eye view of ten buildings arranged so that that their rooftops make the shape of a maple leaf in the sky

Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure

The Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (CGDI) is a collection of publicly available geospatial data, applications, policies, and standards.

Photo of the mineral rutile

Critical Minerals

Canadian geological survey organizations are collaborating to provide tools and resources to help strengthen the supply chains of critical minerals.

Select Tools and Products

Access tools and products created through geospatial initiatives.

Map created with GeoAI features


Discover the data, resources, and how to use GeoAI, a foundational data series created using Artificial Intelligence.

A flood hazard map showing the results of hydrologic and hydraulic investigations.

Canada Flood Map Inventory

Explore available flood hazard maps in your area in Canada and how you can access them.

over the shoulder view of someone looking at a computer screen with HTML


Learn how to use and contribute a standard for simple, accessible, and programmable web maps.