Discover geospatial data and information on current, past and future natural hazards in Canada.

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Interested in Climate Change projections and fire seasons in Canada? Check out this map displaying fire season length in Canada. Use the thematic slider plug in to explore fire season length in the short term (2011-2040), medium term (2041-2070), and long term (2071-2100).

Curious about Canada’s largest earthquake? Check out this interactive map featuring Canada’s historical earthquake data ranging from 1980-2019.

Keep an eye on springtime flooding in Canada – This featured layer uses satellite-derived Earth observation imagery to actively monitor spring ice break-up and flooding, and create real-time river ice state and open water flood extent maps to support emergency response activities in Canada and for international flood events.
Check out the Canadian National Fire Database (CNFDB). This featured dataset is a collection of forest fire perimeters provided by Canadian fire management agencies including provinces, territories, and Parks Canada.
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