Learn About Flood Mapping

Flood maps are critical tools that can help us identify potential risks and mitigate flood impacts.

Understanding Flood Mapping

Flood maps show an area that may be covered by water, or show where the water reaches during a specific flood event. It takes a lot of steps and expertise to produce a flood map.

A flood hazard map showing the results of hydrologic and hydraulic investigations.

Flood Mapping

Learn about the impacts of flooding and what flood mapping is, who is involved, services and information, and more.

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Flood Mapping Community

Discover the roles and responsibilities of the flood mapping community and the history of federal flood maps.

Additional Resources

Find more information on flood maps, related data and best practices.

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Federal Flood Mapping Guidelines Series

Read the series of evergreen flood mapping best practices that strengthen flood mapping activities across the country.

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Historical Flood Events

Explore an archive of locations where some of the largest floods have taken place in recent Canadian history.

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Flood Mapping and the Government of Canada

The Government of Canada is investing to help Canadians better plan and prepare for future floods. Learn how the Government of Canada contributes to the production of flood maps.

Flood Map and Dataset Gallery

Explore available flood maps and variety of technical data contributing to flood mapping.