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Ratio of new immigrant arrivals (2001 – 2016) to older immigrant arrivals (before 2001) by census division, 2016

Compare the ratio of new immigrant arrivals to older immigrant arrivals with this featured map.

Indigenous Population of Canada

Interested in Indigenous populations across Canada? Explore the Indigenous Population of Canada featured map. The larger the symbol, the higher the percentage of Indigenous population in that area. The darker the colour, the denser is the general population.

Majority (%) Mother Tongue Population by Census Division, 2016

Discover the predominant language spoken in your census division with the Majority (%) Mother Tongue Population by Census Division featured dataset. This dataset is based on English, French, or non-official language, and includes the 2016 population ecumene by census division layer.


Prepare for winter with the FluWatchers featured dataset, an online health surveillance system that helps monitor the spread of flu-like illness across Canada.

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