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Canadian federal, provincial and territorial geospatial data providers are working together to bring you GEO.ca—a digital platform where Canadians can discover, access, analyze and map Canada’s vast geospatial data resources. Our mission: To place open geospatial information in the hands of Canadians. The potential: Unlimited, for all.

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Learn about GEO.ca’s Federal, Provincial, and Territorial partners to find resources and activities related to geospatial data and information, and the development of the GEO.ca platform.

Helping Canadians harness the full potential of geospatial data

GEO.ca Partners

GEO.ca is the result of collaborative effort between federal, provincial and territorial stakeholders, led by Natural Resources Canada, to bring together authoritative geospatial data, leading-edge technology and applications, and open-source software, for a whole-of-government solution to geospatial data discovery and sharing. We are:

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Provide a simple, coordinated way for federal, provincial and territorial partners to share their open geospatial data with all Canadians.

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Collect and curate a broad range of content in our “geospatial first” catalogue, ensuring the data you need is easily found, and ready to download, map or analyze.

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Create opportunities for collaboration and community within the platform, to spur Canadians to innovation, new connections and evidence-based decision making.

The Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG) also supports GEO.ca through the ongoing collaboration between Natural Resources Canada and all Canadian provinces and territories through initiatives such as GeoBase.

A federal/provincial/territorial partnership, CCOG advances Canadian geomatics activities, and facilitates data collection, interoperability and integration between all levels of government, for seamless, standards-based discovery and access to analysis-ready geospatial data.

Natural Resources Canada develops policies and programs that enhance the contribution of the natural resources sector to the economy, improve the quality of life for all Canadians and conducts innovative science in facilities across Canada to generate ideas and transfer technologies.

GEO.ca delivers on Canada’s commitment to Open Government: enabling transparency and accountability through proactive release of government-owned geospatial data and information. GEO.ca fully endorses Canada’s Open Government principles and provides Canada’s Open Data portal with all its geospatial content.

Did you know?

All data found on GEO.ca is free and open: it is available for use by anyone, with minimal restrictions.

The Future of GEO.ca

GEO.ca will continue to grow and evolve. Watch for updates as we continue to change the way we share geospatial information—allowing Canadians to harness its power better and faster than ever before!

Coming soon:

  • Create and curate a collaborative space within GEO.ca using our Communities module
  • Easier and more efficient means for geospatial data producers to share their open geospatial data

Questions? Comments? Ideas?

GEO.ca is committed to open dialogue and community building around location-based issues and topics that matter to you.

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