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View of a cityscape next to a body of water.

Flood Mapping

Canadian federal, provincial and territorial government geospatial data providers collaborate to provide tools and resources to help Canadians plan and prepare for floods.

Digitized roads, buildings, forested areas and water overlaying an elevation model in Woodstock, New Brunswick.


Discover the GeoAI Data Series, the time enabled geospatial features created using artificial intelligence (AI).

aerial view of green trees near body of water during daytime

Canadian Hydrospatial Network

Discover Canada’s new, higher-resolution hydrographic network. The Canadian Hydrospatial Network (CHN) data enables the modelling of surface water flow in Canada.


over the shoulder view of someone looking at a computer screen with HTML

Maps for HTML

Learn how to use and contribute to a standard for simple, accessible, and programmable web maps.

Photo of the mineral tetrahedrite

Critical Minerals

Discover tools and resources to help strengthen the supply chains of critical minerals.

A cloudy sky over the ocean and rocky coast and evergreens of Bowen Island, British Columbia

GeoBase Initiative

The GeoBase initiative provides access to, national geospatial foundational data for Canada’s land, water, and infrastructure.

Foundation Data

Foundation data represents the core features of Canada’s land, water and infrastructure. Discover them here.

Map Gallery

Explore our extensive map gallery. See what’s possible. Reuse what’s already been created. Get inspired. Create and share your own custom map!